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Agora Madrid lays the foundations for the education of the future

Its innovative program and revolutionary design place Madrid at the forefront of the global education sector.

High School RobleMUN

Finally after returning back to school, we were able to have our RobleMUN at the school on Tuesday, 22nd March 2022 and our Online edition on Wednesday, 23rd March 2022.

7th Grade Constructive Words

In the month of October 2021, our 7th grade students participated in the first edition of Constructive Words (Environmental Issues).

A Journey of Aesthetic Exploration

The bilingual education of Ningbo Huamao Foreign Language School aims to help students become lifelong learners with the vision of “Learners of Character, Leaders with Global perspectives”. In order to broaden students’ outlooks and help them to understand more about foreign culture, the bilingual class organized all sixth-graders to come to the beautiful DongQian Lake and experienced a journey of aesthetic exploration most recently.

World Poetry Day

In order to celebrate World Poetry Day, our Middle School students from Belgrano’s venue have participated in a reading and writing poetry experience organized by Literature teachers throughout the whole week.


Celebrations will last the whole year. We had a Special staff event at the beginning of January … we are now looking forward to a school picnic on May 22 to celebrate the UN Cultural Diversity Day, a special 20 year Graduation Event on June 17, a Teachers‘ Day Dinner on November 24 and to complete the year our traditional Charity Concert, on behalf of the Red Cross /Red Crescent

Exclusive Dive Camp for Agora International schools

This project, part of the Agora Posidonia Experience, will culminate the academic year with a trip to Formentera to officially qualify in scuba diving.

A Broken Faucet Is Still A Faucet: The Value of Words

Research shows that the average person speaks around 7000 words every day, with many speaking more than that. Words are a fundamental part of society and our lives, yet we pay minimal attention to the value of words. The value of words in this case isn’t the intentions of the words we say, or what they are trying to express, but the value of being able to communicate the thoughts going through your mind.

Music class is fun

Almost any school child will quickly tell you - even if you haven’t asked -that music class is fun! To see children rushing toward the music classroom in anticipation of the myriad sounds and creations that await them there is truly heartwarming.
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Large donation of toys to Caritas Mallorca

Throughout December and the first week of January, IB pupils have been promoting a toy collection campaign involving pupils from all stages, families and school staff.
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