Youth Leadership Encounter

“The good about learning is that no one can take it away from you”


Building Friendships through International Understanding

Youth Leadership


Every year ISA celebrates a Youth Leadership Encounter where students and teachers from their member schools participate in educational and cultural events. ISA has been the pioneer and a principal advocate of these encounters.

All member schools that have participated share rewarding memories. These encounters lead to the creation of knowledge, tolerance, understanding, and last but not least, long-lasting friendships among all participants. The possibility to unite students from different countries and cultures is a positive and enriching experience that students and educators cherish forever. Each year a different school member sponsors the event.

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The next Youth Leadership Encounter On Global Issues


This year our Youth Leadership Encounter will be online, and we thought, what better way to engage our young students than to debate global issues with their peers from around the world at the award-winning WFUNA International Model United Nations (WIMUN) Online Conference. 

WIMUN Online offers students the most realistic experience of how decisions are made at the UN today. With no possibility to travel in this particular year, we can meet online and share our views and solutions to the problems of the world.


Important things not to forget:

• The conference will be organized over two weekends separated by a week of side events.

• The side events are optional.

• ISA students registering as a group will pay USD 80 per student and USD 50 per faculty advisor. (This is a special fee for ISA schools.)

• Delegates that join as a group have additional benefits as well. They are:

  1. • Given priority for country assignments.
  2. • Eligible for Security Council assignments.
  3. • Eligible to be considered for group Delegation Awards given out at Closing Ceremonies.
  4. • All registration fees have to be paid by 16 October 2020.


All ISA schools who are interested in participating should contact so that we can register as one group.

Do not miss it, we will be there discussing and thinking what world do we want to live in. See you there!!

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