Short Film Contest

In three minutes you are at liberty to use any form of digital art to show what Internationalism means.

What is internationalism!



The idea Internationalism is an overused term but not always easy to understand. Now, the opportunity in a few minutes to illustrate what Internationalism means. In three minutes students are at liberty to use any form of digital art to show what it means

Things to remember

– Eligibility: The Contest is open to all students of ISA Schools, in the 14-18 age range, with a teacher mentor.

– Length of film: 3 minutes

– Format: Provide a link to your Short Film using for example YouTube or Vimeo

– Participants: The film producer group can be one person or several

– Photo: A photo of the filmmaker / group.

– Language: Visuals and music. Any language is acceptable but it should also incorporate the main international language of English with French and Spanish subtitles. You may find it easier to avoid language altogether but illustrate with graphics or music, mime.

– Content: What is Internationalism? The importance of international mindedness

– Synopsis: A 300 word synopsis explaining the concept of the short film. 

– Award: Award Trophy showing the winning school plus 3000 CHF (Swiss Francs, to be deposited in an agreed school bank account. The 3,000 CHF (Swiss Francs) will be divided as follows 2,000 CHF to the film team, 1,000 CHF to the teacher mentor.

– Copyright: The intellectual property belongs to the producer of the material but unconditionally allows ISA the sole right to use the short film for promotional purposes at no expense. The material cannot be presented for use by others but is exclusively for use within the framework of the ISA Short Film Contest. ISA Internationalism Award is a product of the International Schools Association. All decisions related to the Award and the Jury’s decisions about prize winners are non- negotiable and non- disputable. Winners are considered as individuals or a group.

All participants should ensure that their entries comply with rules pertaining to intellectual property rights. Any music used should either be out of copyright or have the appropriate permission for use. Ideal would be to use original music where possible. Equally all efforts should be made to exclude any filming where branded products or merchandise appears (eg cereal packets, juice cartons and the like). The submitter should state that every effort has been made to identify holders of brand rights.

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