ISTANBUL | OCT 27 - NOV 2, 2024

International Schools Association

Youth Leadership Encounter

The central concept of the meeting will be the challenge of Managing World Heritage.

You are cordially welcome to participate in the annual ISA Youth Leadership Encounter to take place in Istanbul, Turkey, in the autumn of 2024. Between October 27 and November 2 our global challenge topic is to be Managing World Heritage.

Turkey and Istanbul in particular has been at the crossroads of many civilizations and is well placed to show tangible examples of World Heritage and to introduce also intangible examples from its culture and traditions.   We expect participating schools from the ISA network from the four corners of the world and also a number of specially invited schools from Istanbul along with a delegation from the host school Istanbul International School , whose slogan as shown below will be our slogan for the week.



Located in a unique location, Istanbul, the educational center has more than 20 years of experience, preparing students to travel around the world.

Istanbul International School was founded over 20 years ago to serve the growing expatriate community. It has around 500 students offering English medium education from Early Years to High School. There are more than 60 nationalities represented among the students and more than 20 nationalities represented in the teaching staff. It is a recognized Cambridge International School offering High School graduation, helping students move to the four corners of the world to study at university.

Turkey, with over a century of history, straddles Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Its diverse cultural identity reflects aspirations for European integration and strong ties to Central Asia. Boasting a youthful population and thriving industries, Turkey is notable for its democratic engagement and emphasis on women’s education.

In October, Istanbul radiates charm under the gentle autumn light. Attractions like mosques and palaces offer a serene ambiance with fewer crowds. Special events such as the Biennial and Jazz Festival add to the city’s allure, while culinary delights like fresh seafood enhance the experience. Despite traffic challenges, Istanbul’s abundant parks provide moments of tranquility amidst the bustling cityscape.

Tentative Schedule

Activity Scheme

The draft outline for our 2024 event is as follows


October 27th

Arrival of delegations at Istanbul Airport (European Side) and Sabiha Gökçen Airport (Asian Side) settlling into hotel.

Meals at the hotel to be planned according to arrivals.

Welcome programme - introductions, practical info, intro to programme, quiz.


October 28th

Breakfast at hotel

11:00h Opening programme- the Challenge of Managing World Heritage


14:00h The Challenge of Managing World Heritage-Istanbul and Turkey

15:30h Photography Workshop- Making the most of my mobile phone as a photo lens

17:30h Discovery group reflection time

Dinner at Hotel.


October 29th

Breakfast at hotel

09:30h Delegations presentations


14:00h Intangible World Heritage activities in groups:

-Ebru painting
-Miniature painting
-Puppet making
-Shadow theatre
-Toy production
-Book restoration
-Building restoration
-Medical Plants
-A short history of Turkey "101 Years of the Turkish Republic"
-Turkish Language

Dinner at hotel.
Evening Event.
Republic Day, October 29th event


October 30th

Breakfast at hotel

-Archaeological Museum
-Topkapı Palace
-Sultan Ahmet Square
-Blue Mosque
-St. Sophia
-Museum of Islamic Arts
-Grand Bazaar
-Spice Bazaar
-Underground Cistern

Dinner at Hotel.


October 31th

Breakfast at hotel

09:30h -Mimar Sinan's Sehzadeh Mosque and Complex.
Meeting Istanbul World Heritage Specialists

14:00 Bosphorus Strait Cruise.
3 Hours tour with fish lunch and introduction to Uskudar.
Discovery group reflection time

Dinner at Hotel.


November 1st

Breakfast at hotel

09:30h Simulation Committee on Tangible and Intangible World Heritage at the school.
An introduction to Turkish cuisine


15:00h Meydan Shopping Center / Akyaka Shopping Center

Closing ceremony and Farewell Dinner


November 2nd

Breakfast at hotel

Delegations departure


There is the possibility of extending the tour package with the YLE+ CAPPADOCIA TOUR.


Day 1

October 27th

Arrival of participants

Arrival of delegations at Istanbul Airport (European Side) and Sabiha Gökçen Airport (Asian Side) settlling into hotel.

Meals at the hotel to be planned according to arrivals

Welcome programme

Introductions, practical info, intro to programme, quiz


Day 2

October 28th

Transfer to Colegio Lakeside for inauguration and students presentations

Lunch at the school facilities

Transfer to hotel

Visit to Mexico DF by touristic bus

Dinner at the hotel


Day 3

October 31st

Transfer and access to the Archaeological Zone of Teotihuacan.

Teotihuacán is a large Mexican archaeological complex located northeast of CDMX. The complex, once a thriving pre-Columbian city, is crossed by the Calzada de los Muertos, which links to the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Sun. The summit of the last two offers panoramic views. Inside the precinct, in the Museum of Culture of Teotihuacan, objects like pieces of pottery and bones are exhibited.

Lunch at Teocalli restaurant

Transfer to Hotel del Prado

Academic activity

Dinner at Jose Luis Cuevas Museum

"Day of the Dead theme"

Lunch at Hotel restaurant


Day 4

November 1st

Transfer and visit to the National Museum of History

Located in the Chapultepec Castle is the site that holds the memory of the history of Mexico, from the conquest of Tenochtitlan to the Mexican Revolution. Its rooms show a diversity of objects representative of four centuries of the history of Mexico.

Transfer and visit to the National Museum of Anthropology

The National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropologia) in Mexico City contains the world's largest collection of ancient Mexican art and also has ethnographic exhibits about Mexico's present-day indigenous groups.

Lunch at the Vapiano Restaurant

Day of the Dead Experience

Craft Market, Alebrijes and walking tour through Reforma

Dinner at Hotel restaurant


Day 5

November 2nd

Transfer and visit to Six Flags Mexico

Six Flags Mexico is an amusement park located in Mexico City. It receives millions of visitors every year, making it the most visited theme park in Latin America.

Lunch at Six Flags Mexico

Vsit to Six Flags Mexico

Including the iconic Medusa Steel Coaster and Superman: El Último Escape. Students will enjoy a day filled with heart-pounding rides, and entertaining shows.

Transfer to Hotel

Dinner at the hotel


Day 6

November 3rd

Transfer to Soumaya Museum - Closing ceremony

The Soumaya Museum is a non-profit cultural institution founded in 1994 with three venues in Mexico City: Plaza Loreto, Plaza Carso and Casa Museo Guillermo Tovar de Teresa. Its main task is to share the Carlos Slim Foundation's collection, which offers more than 3 centuries of American and European art, in meeting spaces for all, which motivate reflection and dialogue in the Latin American cultural panorama, through commitment and social action.

Lunch at BTK Restaurant

Transfer to Jose Luis Cuevas Museum

Day of the Dead activity

Mexican Gala dinner

"Day of the Dead theme"

Transfer to Hotel


Day 7

November 4th


Transportation of participants to CDMX airport.


Following the weeklong Youth Event, there is the possibility of seeing something outside Istanbul by traveling by air to central Cappadocia which is famous for its fairytale landscape. This means extending your stay by another four days. The programme includes air transfers, hotel accommodation, meals, coach transport, entrance to museums, the services of an English- speaking guide. There will be the opportunity of seeing how tradional crafts are made, aswell as participating in the adventure of a hot air ballooon flight, a safari on quad bike or horseback.

1st Day
November 2nd

Midday - Departure from Istanbul to Kayseri by air

Short tour of Kayseri

Dinner at hotel

Evening programme

2nd & 3rd Day
November 3rd & 4st

After breakfast, we begin a tour of the Cappadocia area with it is amazing rock formations and landscape and visit work shops, giving us the opportunity to see rug making, pottery as well as visit an underground city. In addition, we will visit a number of cave dwellings and early Christian Churches

During the day there will be an opportunity for lunch and a safari on horses or quad bikes

Dinner at the hotel will be followed by an evening programme

NOTE: As a guide to the cost of extra activities :

The cost of the hot air balloon tour (sunrise) is approximately 200-250 Euros
The safari on horse or quad bike is approximately 20 Euros.
A photograph on a camel 2 Euros

4th Day
November 5st

After breakfast, we return to Kayseri for the flight back to Istanbul

Included in the price hotel accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, English speaking guide, travel by coach, visits to workshops and entrance to museums, air travel between Istanbul and Kayseri.

-Hilton, Imperial Cave, Ramada Hotels: 600 Euros
-Suhan Hotel, Perissia, Dinler Hotel, Crowne Plaza: 500 Euros


As you prepare to come be sure to take into account the following practical matters.


It needs to be up to date and in the case of some countries needs to have at least 9 months validity at the time of entrance.


Do you need a tourist visa? Turkey provides online visa applications for most countries. If you need a letter of invitation from Turkey, we will supply a personalized invitation from our school.
Find all the information here

Mobile phone

You will need to have with you your phone as your ‘best friend’ to keep in touch and to take photos. Please note that you can decide before leaving home to get a special rate for being abroad, take the roaming option while you travel, or buy a local SIM card at the airport, for the time you are in Turkey.

Health and travel insurance

You will be advised by your school to get insurance to cover possible loss of baggage and to cover any expenses related to sickness or accident.


You will be coming to Istanbul, a city which belongs to both Europe and Asia. You may have an image of Turkey being exotic and warm but in fact, it is a large country with four distinct seasons. Istanbul in the autumn is cool, rainy and towards the winter sees low temperatures and snow. For the Youth event, you should come prepared for cool weather- best to have a variety of clothes and be ready to dress in layers! In the weekly programme you will be advised when it is appropriate to dress casually and when to dress smart and formally.
When visiting religious buildings it is especially important to dress appropriately. No shorts or sleeveless shirts for boys and similarly for girls. It is best to wear long trousers and a long-sleeved top. Women are also expected to wear a headdress in the form of a shawl. In these places, we are also expected to take off our shoes - all to show respect. (Have your own plastic bag ready to keep your shoes)

Sickness / Accidents:

During the stay, we will be ready to address any sickness or accident and this will be explained at the beginning of the programme.
Your safety and comfort is our first concern: The selected hotel, areas to be visited, forms of transport have all been chosen with your safety and security in mind.

Pre Conference Module

In the spring each participating school will be sent a module to help prepare for their visit to Istanbul. It will outline what has to be prepared for the Delegation Presentation and will include an introduction to Turkey and Istanbul. During the week-long programme in Istanbul, we will have a daily guide to activities available to follow on WhatsApp. In addition, we will have an activity book with questions, quizzes and a place to take notes.

Arriving in Istanbul

A representative will meet you at the airport and show you to our shuttle bus which will take you to the selected hotel. Depending on arrival times, you will have breakfast/lunch. The programme will begin on Sunday evening with an informal get-together for those who have arrived along with an evening meal.


This will be in a good quality hotel. You will be accommodated in double or triple rooms with members of your school group and will have breakfast and dinner at the hotel.


Before leaving the hotel it is best to use the toilet as toilets are not always available.


It is a good idea to have with you a few snacks and a small bottle of water.

On the street

You need to be aware of beggars, pickpockets and harassers.


On the final day at the Farewell Dinner, we will be presenting a number of Awards, including a number for best phographers and presenters in the Simulation of the UNESCO Committee of Tangible and Intangible World Heritage .


All participants will be staying at the Hotel del Prado, a magnificent Hotel, integrated to one of the most important commercial and financial centers of Mexico City, such as Plaza de las Estrellas (Galleries) with more than 200 boutiques, restaurants and entertainment with access from the Lobby.

Registration - Fees

Fee for the ISA Youth Leadership Encounter – Istanbul 2024 registration covers the following:

Included Services

Services Not Included


A bus will be available to transport participants from Istanbul International Airport to their accommodation

Participants are responsible for their own travel and health insurance.

There is no student discount or grant.


Some of the most common questions

Early birds: 1st April 2024

Final date: 30th May 2024

None. You can register as many participants as you want.

No. You have to be an ISA member

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The closing date for entries are:

Early birds: 1st April 2024

Normal entries: 30th May 2024.


If you may need any additional information on the event, or have inquiries about the participation of your shool, feel free to contact us at, and we will be happy to help you.

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