World Mental Health Day 2023

International Schools Association

15th September

World Mental
Health Day

In ISA we believe it is essential to raise awareness about mental health issues, promote support, and encourage conversations to reduce stigma and foster well-being worldwide.


Liceo Hypatia

María del Sol Ortiz

Academic Secretary

General goals

Promote mental health in schools through body consciousness

Enhance self care and mindfulness practices

Connecting with the movements of our body can help us to relax muscle tensions while we focus on the sensations of the present, in consequence, you are attentive to the aspects of the life you can control.


This project is addressed to:

  • Students in ages among 10 and 17 years old.
  • Mentors and teachers who want to experience body-mind mindfulness


There is an emotional journal to download which will help us to track feelings and body sensations during the week. Please print it before the week start.

Monday 11th September

The methaphor of ballons breathing

Tuesday 12th September

Body coordination

Wednesday 13th September

Animal-like breathing

Thursday 14th September

Body percussion

Friday 15th September

Synchronic meeting to share experiences


To keep in mind during the week

Each activity must be developed for 15 minutes in the morning
Mark the initial feeling on the emotional journal
Follow the video assigned to each day of the week
Mark the feeling you experience after the activity in the emotional journal

How to Participate

  • Schools should do prior work with a group of students in order to participate effectively.
  • At least some idea of  Human Rights across the world and a little bit of rhetorical/persuasive devices (not essential like the prior research). 

  • There could be listeners/ inactive guests.

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World Mental Health Day

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