World day for cultural diversity for dialogue and development

International Schools Association

April 23rd, 2024​

World Book and Copyright Day

As the world commemorates the significance of books and the protection of intellectual property rights, this initiative stands as a beacon of cultural exchange and mutual understanding.


St. Catherine's Moorlands School

General goals

Promote Reading Culture.

Inspire a love for reading and lifelong learning by connecting students with engaging and culturally relevant literature from around the world.

Celebrate Literary Diversity.

Showcase the richness and variety of literary traditions worldwide, emphasizing the value of diverse voices and perspectives in storytelling.

Foster Cultural Exchange.

Encourage students to explore and appreciate literature from diverse cultures, promoting cross-cultural understanding and empathy.

Promote Global Citizenship.

Cultivate a sense of global awareness and responsibility among students by highlighting the interconnectedness of the world through literature.

Support Copyright Awareness.

Educate students about the importance of respecting copyright laws and protecting intellectual property rights in the digital age.

Create Lasting Connections.

Foster enduring relationships and partnerships between participating schools, laying the groundwork for future collaborative initiatives and cultural exchanges.

Event Background

In celebration of World Book and Copyright Day, St. Catherine’s Moorlands School and NIKA School are collaborating to foster international literary appreciation and cultural exchange. This event transcends geographical boundaries by providing students from diverse backgrounds with a platform to share insights into the literary treasures of their respective countries or cultures.


Through a shared virtual space on Google Classroom, students will engage in discussions, presentations, and recommendations centered around prominent writers and their works. Participants will have the unique opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of global literature, gaining valuable insights into different cultures and perspectives.


The culmination of this collaborative effort will be the creation of a comprehensive list of book recommendations curated by students, showcasing the diversity and richness of literary traditions worldwide. These recommendations will be published on the International Associations Schools (ISA) webpage dedicated to World Book and Copyright Day, serving as a testament to the power of literature to unite and inspire across borders.


On April 23rd, as the world commemorates the significance of books and the protection of intellectual property rights, this initiative stands as a beacon of cultural exchange and mutual understanding. By fostering a spirit of curiosity and appreciation for literature from around the globe, schools reaffirm their commitment to nurturing global citizenship and intercultural dialogue.

How to participate

  • Step 2. Upon registration, you will receive access to the dedicated Google Classroom for the event. Here, you can begin sharing your favorite book recommendations, engage in discussions, and interact with students from countries worldwide.


  • Step 3. A summary of these activities will be published on the dedicated page of the International Schools Association for the event. This summary will include a curated list of recommended literature for further reading.

Rules & Recommendations

Registration is open until April 19th, 2024.
Participants must be between 13 and 18 years of age.
Ensure that all shared content complies with copyright regulations and respects the intellectual property rights of authors.
Have fun and enjoy the experience of exploring new books, engaging with peers from around the world, and discovering the joy of reading, nurturing a sense of enthusiasm and excitement for literature.

How to Participate

  • Schools should do prior work with a group of students in order to participate effectively.
  • At least some idea of  Human Rights across the world and a little bit of rhetorical/persuasive devices (not essential like the prior research). 

  • There could be listeners/ inactive guests.

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World Book and Copyright Day
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