United Nations World Day 2023

International Schools Association

24th October

United Nations
World Day

It is a global celebration of diplomacy, cooperation, and solidarity among nations. It commemorates the founding of the UN and promotes peace, human rights, and sustainable development worldwide.


India International School

General goals

Sustainable Development

Conserving resources for future generations


This project is addressed to:

  • Students in ages among 15 to18 years years old.
  • 1 participant per school


Topic: Innovative means of conserving resources for future generations 


What needs to be done

Prepare a 3 minute video presentation and send on the link below by 24th October 2023.
The best three winners will be awarded.

How to Participate

  • Schools should do prior work with a group of students in order to participate effectively.
  • At least some idea of  Human Rights across the world and a little bit of rhetorical/persuasive devices (not essential like the prior research). 

  • There could be listeners/ inactive guests.

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In case you may have doubts or you may require any other additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us in our email communication@isaschools.org

United Nations World Day

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