UN International Jazz Day

International Schools Association

13th May

UN International
Jazz Day

It is with great pleasure that Agora Madrid International School hosts this year’s UN International Jazz Day. The event will be held entirely online and participating schools will see that there is a wide range of opportunities in both English and Spanish for students aged 9 and upwards.


Agora Madrid International School

Gerard O'Donnell

Director of Education

General Goals

Jazz as an art form holds special significance in the calendar of events organized by the United Nations and ISA proudly recognises this, The goal of this event is to explore Music, History, Sociology and to unite students across borders through the language of Music.

Specific Goals

  1. Students will engage in up to four different online workshops with well known names from the world of Jazz, as well as performance opportunities.
  2. The workshops will focus on particular techniques used in Jazz music and the history of jazz as a unique art form.


Following a brief opening ceremony on the day itself, participants will be invited to enter one of four digital platforms or “rooms” hosted by a wide range of well known names in the world of Music and Jazz in particular :

“Jazz and Flamenco fusion Guitar Workshop”

Hosted by Tuti Fernández for guitarists where the focus will be on the fusion between Jazz and Flamenco

The age range for this workshop is from 15 upwards, it will be held in English. Anyone who does not have a command of the guitar will be more than welcome as an audience member.

“Deep Dive into the Social History of Jazz”

For students aged between 10 and 13 years of age, where the social context of Jazz will be explored through fun online quiz activities.

This workshop will be held in in Spanish by Isabel López, conductor of the Woman’s Symphonic Orchestra of Madrid.

“International Presentations on the Elements of Jazz”

By Carolina Becerra

This will be coordinated by our Primary Music Teacher, Carolina Becerra between all participating schools where children from 9 until 12 years old will be assigned a group in which counterparts from different countries will connect through videocall platforms from now until the 13th May and work on one of the principal Elements of Jazz (Rhythm, Melody, Instrumentation…) : this work will culminate in an online webinar presentation through English where they will share interesting facts, findings and knowledge with all the groups.

“Jazz Vocal Techniques”

By Inma Mira

This pre-recorded video tutorial in Spanish will be hosted by Inma Mira and shared with all participating schools, including families, teachers and students.

“Open Mic Jazz Session”

The final event

This will be the final event where absolutely anyone (with prior notice of intention to participate) can perform a jazz piece through song and/or instrumental offering so that we can celebrate the wonder of a real Jazz Session, the universal language of Music. As such all languages will be welcome.

The precise timetable of these events will be finalised according to the level of participation and geographical location of each school. For this reason the closing date for expressing your interest in taking part will be Wednesday 27th April by 5pm CET. 

How to Participate

Confirm interest by emailing Gerard O’Donnell at gerard.odonnell@agoraism.com or by filling the following form

UN International Jazz Day

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