UN Human Rights Day

International Schools Association

12th December

UN Human Rights

It is with great pleasure that Agora Lledó International School and St. Catherine’s Moorlands School host this year’s UN Human Rights Day. The event will be held entirely online and participating schools will see that there is a wide range of opportunities for their students.


Agora Lledó International School

Irfan Gazdar

International Events Organiser

St. Catherine's Moorlands School


Prior to the event:

  • Students will first get acquainted with all the human rights (a simplified version). 
  • In groups, they will do research on different human rights (each group will be assigned a different human right). 
  • They resort to newspaper articles and newsflashes about current affairs. They can create a gslides presentation/prezi or a collaborative mural. 
  • They present it in class. 
  • Then they go through the whole speech writing process and write a speech on a Human Right. (See that in your class there is a fair amount of different human rights). 
  • They use real-life examples. They can record themselves (create a one-minute long video with the “best” paragraph).  
The day of the event, they will: 
  1. Have an overall presentation of Human Rights (we need help: maybe a guest speaker -refugee etc- who makes the event even more inspiring. I know a Medicos sin Fronteras member who may be willing to participate.)
  2. Get assigned into different rooms and talk about their findings. Maybe each room can get assigned a different human right (This ensues their own research task done at school). 
  3. Have a whole discussion as a whole group. 
  4. Share a few speeches?? (videos) School select a couple of volunteers before the day of the event.
  5. Make collaborative phrases on Jamboard: If I were a president/ a UN leader, I would….
  6. Create a collaborative CANVA on a Human Right. (The same groups that were used for #2 can be used again or not). This may go on after the event if there is not enoough time.
Students should have worked on persuasive devices (rhetorical devices)/ speeches/ graphic ads prior to the event and on Human Rights. 

General Goals

  • Checking the real global state of affairs as regards Human Rights.
  • Expressing and developing their own ideas based on facts and prior research.
  • Creating common goals across nations.
  • Building consensus.
  • Expressing their ideas creatively and persuasively through collaboration. 

Specific Goals

  • Create a graphid ad/an image aimed at raising awareness about a real life-situation where a Human Right (or more than one) is not being respected.


This is the proposed schedule to celebrate this day:

14:00 - Presentation of the Human Rights.

By Christine McDowell

14:15 - Presentation

By Maria Elena Ordoñez | Doctors with our borders - Medecins Sans Frontiers

14:45 - Questions and Feedback

Conducted by organisers

15:00 - How to use Canva for a group activity

By Mercedes Díaz | Web Designer and Teacher

15:15 - Group work

Students work to present their information using Canva to send to the other schools.

16:00 - Presentation of the Human Rights by each school

10 minutes per group

16:45 - Final Thoughts: Presentation about the Evolution of Human Rights

By Guido Ezequiel Carera | Lawyer and Diploma in IIRR

How to Participate

  • Schools should do prior work with a group of students in order to participate effectively.
  • At least some idea of  Human Rights across the world and a little bit of rhetorical/persuasive devices (not essential like the prior research). 

  • There could be listeners/ inactive guests.

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In case you may have doubts or you may require any other additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us in our email communication@isaschools.org

UN Human Rights Day

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