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ISA WEBINAR: International Education

As a means for World Peace


Over the past 50 years global events and human experience in general have given the quest for peace a new urgency. In the 21st century, peace is no longer considered as the absence of war but it is conceptualized to include harmony at all levels of human endeavor. The UN and its agencies have adopted clear statements concerning human rights and responsibilities which recognize peace as an essential human construct. We the International Schools Association Network, see education as the principal vehicle which will develop and inculcate school age children with the habit of peace.

Education for Peace then, is a conceptual framework from which schools may devise a program comprising the transmission of universal values and enduring attitudes, and the development of skills which will enable our students to become active global citizens. This framework is guided by the recognition of the following:

  1. Each member of the global society is bound by principles relating to human welfare, such as justice, liberty, responsibility, equality, dignity, security, democracy and solidarity.
  2. Each member of society is an active participant in a local community and is in turn committed to a global harmony reflective of the diversity of the human population.
  3. Each member of the global society must act individually and communally toward guardianship of our world as a whole, guaranteeing the right to a sustainable future.


We will be focusing on the following topics:

Is International Education/Peace Education is the most sustainable way to achieve a culture of peace?

How do you view the current status of the fields of peace and international education? What have been the significant developments and what are the emerging needs?

What do you see as the future direction of the field? What are the needs and how might they be achieved?

Tools for educators to foster this concepts about Education for Peace.

Education for peace first locally and then globally. How to foster this spirit in a Glocal way, that means from your community, that is your school and keep going forward, your country, your region, your continent and then globally.


Fernando M. Reimers

Ford Foundation Professor of the Practice in International Education. Director of the Global Education Innovation Initiative and of The International Education Policy Program Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

Tony Jenkins, PhD

Managing Director, International Institute on Peace Education. Lecturer, Justice & Peace Studies, Georgetown University. Coordinator, Global Campaign for Peace Education. Founder & Co-Managing Editor, Peace Knowledge Press.

Betty A. Reardon

Founding Director of the Peace Education Center and Peace Education Graduate Degree Program at Teachers College, Columbia University. Leader in peace education and a scholar in human rights education.


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ISA Webinar: International Education as a means for peace

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