ISA Social Justice Day 2023

International Schools Association

27-29th March

Social Justice

Students and teachers focused on Peace Construction

From the 27th to 29th of March, 2023


Hypatia International School

General Goals

  1. Highlight the experiences of social justice that different members of the educative community have observed or lived.
  2. Create an educational booklet that facilitates comprehension of what social justice is, and how it can be experienced.


27th March

First Meeting

It will start with a brief introduction to the topic and then the brainstorming visual wwork will emerge.
After that, the experiences will be collected through a survey monkey format

28th March

Creative Session

First, a talk will be given to explain social justice and the role that members of educational communities can play in maintaining and promoting it.
Afterwards, one of the experiences previously collected will be assigned to be captured in a page of the booklet.

29th March

Final Meeting

In the last meeting, the experiences will be read and the learnings obtained from the project will be written up.


Participants will be able to write a traditional “peace phrase” from their communities to share with others.

The product of this project will be a collaborative primer to help educative communities to understand and promote social justice.

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How to Participate

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Social Justice Day

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