ISA Inter-School eSports Tournament

International Schools Association

March - April 2023

ISA Inter-School eSports Tournament

Organised by MaGIC, the Gaming Interest Community of the Magnus Society, Cempaka International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



To foster connections and strengthen ties with other international schools and to introduce esports into the international inter-school competitive scene.


The Magnus Society of Cempaka International School, Kuala Lumpur – the host school, is privileged to host the very first International Gaming Tournament among ISA (International School Association) members of the world.  In consideration of logistics and organisational experience, the game selected for the tournament is Valorant.

The entirety of the tournament will be hosted online.

Additionally, the organisers hope to invite a professional esports team from Southeast Asia, (PaperRex) to come and give a talk about professional gaming to aspiring gamers.

Communication Platform

Communications with and amongst participants will take place on a dedicated Discord server, with privacy features for team and moderator communications.
MaGIC and Magnus organisers may communicate within the existing Magnus Projects server.

Participation Criteria

Each individual school will have their own way to pick the players as we do not have jurisdiction to control the method.  However, it is preferred for said school to host a tryout by asking students to organise a 5 man team with 1 (minimum, 2 maximum) reserve player, then place them in matches and see who wins.  (This method will be used for Cempaka).


For logistical purposes, the Magnus Master Plan will be used to organise the foundations of the tournaments. For scoring and tournament planning (team placements), we will use 3rd party websites.


The tournament will be streamed to the Magnus Society’s public YouTube Channel >>


March 2023

  • 13th March: Announcement of the tournament
  • 31st March: Deadline for interested schools to submit form response
  • Tryouts: selection of teams to represent each school to be done at the level of each participating school, at their own discretion.

Internal roadmap for reference

  • Send invitation to Paper Rex
  • Internal selection/tryout tournament at school level
  • Streaming Test Run, hosting and commentating practice (mid-March)

April 2023

  • Briefing of Tournament:  Early April
  • Tournament Day 1:  15th April (Knockout Stage if any & Quarterfinals)
  • Tournament Day 2:  16th April (Semi Finals & Finals)

Registration Process

  1. Schools interested in participating fill this form >>
  2. Schools run their own selection process to finalise ONE team for the tournament with 5 players and minimum 1, maximum 2 reserve players.
  3. Schools submit another form (published at a later date) registering their team members with their names and Discord IDs – forms to be filled by team captains only.
  4. Teams join the tournament Discord server, attend briefings on the tournament prior to the actual event.

Global Tournament Logistics

The organisers have taken the following into consideration:

  1. If a school is too far outside the host school’s time zone, or is too far away from the host school’s nearest server to have an adequate ping for a fair game, the host school will suggest that other schools in the different regions host the same tournament together to ensure fairness.
  2. The co-hosting schools will run the tournaments to the same expected timeline to ensure the event remains truly global.
  3. Co-hosting schools will still receive support from the host school with guidance, training and resources (such as Discord server templates, documentation and certificate designs), as required.





14, 15 & 16 April


Subject to participant availability


5v5 (allowed substitutes from registered reserves), Competitive play, best of three, maps will be chosen in this format:

  1. Each team bans one map
  2. Each team picks a map
  3. The teams will ban another map
  4. The remaining map will be the decider

Example photo:


The teams will be able to choose maps from the current competitive pool [as of writing this]:








Optimum number of teams registered: 4, 8, or 16


In the event that players disconnect, the host will pause the game and wait for 5 minutes for the player to rejoin. If not, the team will either have to find a replacement or continue as 4 players.

Point system

If there are enough players for Rounds of 16, players will have 1 round to win up until semi-finals, where they will have 3 rounds to play per match-up.  If we start with quarter finals we can do 3 rounds instead as well.


Hosts will have to friend request the players (or vice versa) then players will get invited to the custom game.

This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.

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