International Day of Peace

International Schools Association

14th October

Day of Peace

As a global group of International Schools and based on music as a common source of communication and emotions, we propose to record a video with the song “Imagine”.


Global Task

To create a video clip in which all schools sing the song “Imagine” by John Lennon showing parts of such institutions.

Particular Task (per school)

Taking the song from YouTube, select the group or classes which will work on the song and select the different scenarios where it will be recorded.


Video of the song with the students

Success criteria

Quality: Students’ voices can be heard. It is recorded at a location which helps identify the ISA school. It is delivered without any edition for it will be done later.

How to Participate

  • Email where videos should be sent:
  • Send through Wetransfer
  • Deadline: Friday, october 14th, 2022.
  • Delivery date (Colegio Lakeside): Thursday, october 18th, 2022.

International Day of Peace

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