II International Pedagogical Conference

International Schools Association

20th February

II International Pedagogical Conference

Open School in the Global World:

Values that Unite Us”


NIKA School

Pablo Flores

Head of International Department


Speakers-experts in the field of pedagogy from Russia, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, China and Turkey will speak at the conference for you. PhD in Pedagogics, Pro-rector of Moscow City University Kirill Barannikov will talk about the transformations that are taking place today in school education. Director of the IB World Schools (Switzerland, the Netherlands) Adrian Kearney will introduce the conference participants to the history of IB and talk about the gold standards of education.


Another key topic to be discussed is “Tendencies in the development of Higher Education in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic”. Ivan Aleshkovsky, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor,  Deputy Dean of FGP MSU, will speak about that.


In addition to lectures, there will be organized professional discussions and educational workshops, where you will get acquainted with well-known accelerated learning practices, STEM technologies, and functional literacy. Speakers will share educational methods and approaches that have already been tested in practice. You will also be presented with the latest developments of innovative educational solutions from their authors.


The International Pedagogical Conference is a unique opportunity to expand the boundaries, make useful contacts and, together with colleagues, try to find a competent answer to the challenges of today!


Besides, there is a bonus offer for participants from educational organizations:


1) for a group of 4 or more participants offline attendance, the group receives a 30% discount and free entrance for the head of the organization;

2) for a group of 4 or more participants online attendance, the group receives a 30% discount.


The event will take place on February 20 at the Lotte Hotel in Moscow.


To participate in the conference, register on our website


P.S.: The best teacher not only teaches, but also learns!


Pablo Flores

Head of International Department

Nika School




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II International Pedagogical Conference

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