Eco His 2022

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18th October

Eco His 2022

The area of Natural Sciences of Hypatia International School will be leading the ECO HIS PROJECT 2022. This project is a chance to learn and gather ancestral knowledge about aromatic, medicinal and condimentary plants of our region and other places around the world. Additionally you will have the chance to plant your own seedling.


Hypatia International School

Jessica Gómez

Project Leader

General Goals

Identify the properties and benefits of medicinal, aromatic and seasoning plants in our country and in other parts of the world and their applications in alternative medicine and artisan cooking.

Specific Goals

  1. Identify the plants that in our country are used by our grandparents, parents or ancestors for traditional medicine (aromatic and infusions) and as condiments in the kitchen.
  2. Investigate not only medicinal properties but also condiments that certain plants of our country have. – Investigate in other countries what uses are given to the previously identified plants.
  3. Create a school garden with some of the plants studied.


15th September-10th October '22


Schools and teachers interested in the project will register their institution and their students. The registration form will be published at HIS website with and email where participants should send the form with the subject “Eco His”.

18th October '22

Leader teachers meeting

The objective of the meeting is to give detailed information to the teachers involved in the project, the methodology that is going to be used and the specific instructions to develop the first part of the project. The google meet will be sent to the emails registers in the registration form. 

26th October '22

First ECO HIS meeting

A Google Meet with students and teachers participating in the project. Presentation of the project to the participants: Objectives, explanation, schedule and activities to develop. Group activity: Exchange ideas about the previous investigation and answer the question, what are the different medicinal, aromatic or condimentary plants (MAC plants) in your region and what are their benefits? Groups will be assigned before the meeting and each group will have an assigned breakout room. Each student will select one MAC plant that called their attention from the ones talked in the meeting and that he/she would like to plant at home or at school.

27th October-5h November '22

Let’s get to work

Making of the pot: To do the pot students will need plastic bottles, scissors, markers, paints, sandpaper and clear lacquer. The instructions step by step will be sent to the leader teachers so that they can guide their students in the activity. Planting the seedling: To do this students will need soil, the seedling of the MAC plant selected and a lot of love and care. The instructions step by step will be sent to the leader teachers so that they can guide their students in the activity. Teachers should take pictures and videos as evidence of the process

10th November '22

Harvesting our results

In our last Google Meet we will share our experiences, the knowledge we gain in the project and how we will apply that in our daily life. Students and teachers will show their evidences of the process and participants will receive their certification ECO HIS 2022.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gather and recognize part of our ancestral knowledge through nature and its benefits.

You will share your knowledge and experiences with new people from all around the world

How to Participate

Confirm interest by filling the following form

Eco His 2022

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