Bringing the classrooms to the comfort of your homes

  • Set the atmosphere for Learning!
  • Real Time, Real Classroom, Real Teacher!
  • This is Stockbridge Education Re-Designed Version 2.0.

Stockbridge teachers used the classroom materials for their discussion to supplement learning. Bringing the real classroom right into the comfort of your home. We set up our classroom as real face to face class with teachers inside the classroom and learning materials within their reach. The students still feel Experiential Learning. Stockbridge believes that the students learn the most through practical and experiential learning in a technology driven classroom. Lessons come to life and students reflect on their learning process which allows them to immediately apply lessons learned, build reflective skills and have a sense of accountability towards their own achievements.

  1. Bringing the classroom to your homes – less virtual background, actual classroom set up, more interactive and engaging activities
  2. LETTS (Leadership engagement tour of the Stockbridge students) – where students get to travel and visit places all over the world virtually, listen to professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders and the likes
  3. Global Event and International Collaboration Events – where we collaborate with the different international projects and get to meet students from different countries
  4. Enhanced individualized reading and writing program – at the age of 3, we strengthen the skills for reading and writing, and so this year reading and writing programs were improved

This Education Re-designed is also coupled with Club and Socials. Explore your great Potential! Co-curricular activities from a young age (SOCIALS) to a Higher Level (CLUBS) offer a variety of opportunities to grow and strengthen students holistically. From Socials to Clubs! Stockbridge American International School believes that co-curricular activities from a young age offer a vast array of perspectives to grow and strengthen students holistically. They provide a chance to cultivate and nurture their intellectual, social, physical, emotional and even moral values. These activities lead students to discover various applications of different concepts and ideas learned in the classroom.


For our younger learners in grades 1 – 3, students are invited to join one social activity that can be changed every quarter. Students in grade 4 and above are required to participate in their choice of clubs. The students can be a member of one or more clubs provided that they maintain a good academic standing. Each club will last for the entire academic year to ensure full exploration of said club. Moreover, the school reserves the right to limit or suspend the student’s participation if he/she is recommended to focus more of his/her time on his studies. The Stockbridge American International School is the first and only international school in Mindanao, Philippines that aims to build global leaders and entrepreneurs. Education Redesigned Version 2.0. Setting the Standard for International Curriculum. Stockbridge is true to its thrust to bring international instruction   and be consistent in its clearly defined international partners which strengthen the desire to produce the best combination of learning experiences and international mindset.

PAL is your Friend! The Stockbridge PAL (Package for At-home Learning), supports learning at home. Each student is given a Stockbridge PAL, an independent learning kit that contains a list of leaning invitations with detailed instructions on how to do the activities. It has worksheets, project materials, and other resources to enrich the students’ learning experience.


Indulge with the skillful kids of Stockbridge.

We envision Stockbridge to be the premier international school in Davao and General Santos Cities, we have partnered with relevant international education institutions. This is the second year where the Stockbridge American International school transitioned to an Online learning setup. Hence, it never failed to provide the students the quality of education they deserve and provide fun and engaging activities to them. Last August 2021, the students, parents, teachers, and staff of Stockbridge American International School commenced the new school year by having a Kick-Off Ceremony with the theme; “Move it, Groove it; The Stockbridge Way!” Students and teachers dressed up with their Neon Retro Zumba attire for the Zumba during the Kick-Off Ceremony as one of the highlights in the said event.


Stockbridge American International School commenced with the Academic Year 2021-2022, the need for new sets of class officers, club officers, and student council members also surfaced. Last September 10, 2021, the Stockbridge community showed their support as class and club officers took the oath of their office led by the moderators in both campuses.


Stockbridge American International School-Davao and General Santos City celebrate the National Language Day with series of events that showcases the talents of the students and the teachers. As an International School, the celebration was done in a Stockbridge way highlighting not just the Filipino language, but also every language that our students have. Stockbridge American International School annually celebrates the Araw ng Wika which aims to promote camaraderie and unity amongst the Stockbridge community. Last August 23-27, 2021, the Stockbridge students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8 showed their love and respect for the Filipino language through various activities.

The event theme “Indigenous Language: Language of Race, Language of Heroes”, aims to unite all races as one community of our country, the Philippines. It also encouraged the Stockbridge Kids appreciate the value of the Filipino language and customs.

The event was a weeklong celebration; hence, more fun activities were made for the students that they really enjoyed. We started the celebration of Araw ng Wika with some of our very own Filipino games (Larong Pinoy). The Stockbridge Kids from PK-Grades 3 enjoyed the fun and interacting games together even though it’s been made virtually. The event also promotes unity, culture sensitivity, and respect. The celebration was facilitated by the teachers of Stockbridge American International School-Davao, headed by the Filipino subject teacher.

October is known as the United Nations Month. With this, last October 25-29, 2021, Stockbridge American International School once again celebrated International Education Week. This was a celebration of cultural diversity and similarity as we remain true and committed to building young global business leaders with the premier quality education that is of international standards.

This year’s theme is “The Road to Lasting Peace: Youth Empowerment towards Global Citizenship (Davao) and Inclusivity in Diversity: Empowering the Citizens of the World (GSC). We belong to one world; we are the citizens of the world, and thus we should learn to accept, to understand, and to respect one’s culture, differences and similarities, and uniqueness. We should embrace diversity, for we are one. To promote camaraderie and unity amongst the Stockbridge community, and the importance of open-mindedness on different ideologies, varied activities were prepared for all the students to enjoy. Each was made sure to be as inclusive as possible to everyone. We Dance as one, Pieces to Places, Poetry Out Loud, and World of Art were some of the excitements during the week-long celebration.

The event started by conducting pre-event activities such as the flavors of culture for countries Mexico and Japan to explore each country’s unique dishes, and a Kickoff activity where the students gathered have a forum about the UN’s Sustainable Developmental Goals for the year 2030 that made the students be aware and be mindful of the different issues to be addressed by UN (United Nations).


In the week-long event, it started with the Wonders of Imagination activity: a storytelling session for PreK and Kindergarten students that highlighted the uniqueness of everyone around the world. All the Stockbridge students were able to show how creative they were in making some crafts during the International Dot Day.


We also had amiable competitions namely Writing with you: A poem for Us – a competition divided into three components: Poem Composition, Digital Poster Making, and Poem Recital, which was participated by students from first grade to seventh grade. Next, we had the Stockbridge Virtual Grand Tour: Let’s go Places – a competition wherein the students had to make a virtual tour video-sharing interesting facts and showing beautiful places of the country assigned to them.


Our dear students had proven once again that they are global leaders; indeed they are our Pride and they carry our school with PRIDE – Passion, Respect, Integrity, Dynamism, and Excellence. They completed and accomplished the purpose of our International Education Week with smiles on their faces and memories in their heart.

Stockbridge as member of ISA International Schools Association firmly believes that “Education is the best instrument to build a better world. Living in peace is achieved by working together and celebrating our cultural diversity and similarity.”

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