El Roble International Programs

El Roble International Programs This school year we are offering several international programs. For example: Keystone – International Hish School – Double Diploma – USA Edualia – International Hish School – Double Diploma – Canada. This is our newest international agreement. CSA Sports – University Sport Scholarships Semesters Abroad – Students will travel abroad to […]

Excellent results at St John’s College

Excellent results at st john’s college St John’s College is delighted to report outstanding achievements by our fantastic students in A levels following two years in Sixth Form like no other. Once again, this year, following the cancellation of exams, grades were awarded through a process of teacher assessed grades, against a national standard and […]

Agora Sant Cugat International School starts its first year as an IB Continuum School

After almost ten years of going through the process The 2021/22 academic year is very special for Agora Sant Cugat as it has become the only school in the Barcelona metropolitan area that offers the IB Continuum. After almost ten years of going through the process, it finally completed the final stage of the International […]

Speak French at Colegio El Roble

Welcome to French classes! Dans notre école, cette année scolaire au niveau collège on continue les cours de français langue étrangère. Les élèves prennent une heure par semaine en secondaire et deux heures par semaine au lycée, comme atelier. Ils s’intéressent à la culture francophone et surtout à l’apprentissage de la langue pour pouvoir communiquer […]

ISA Pen Pal Program – Rules and Regulations

ISA PEN-PAL PROGRAMME The ISA Pen-pal programme has been in the making since 2020, and it’s now about to become a reality allowing interactions between students and teachers from around the world. While this activity seems small, it is fair to quote Vincent Van Gogh by saying that “Great things are done by a series […]

Back to school at Colegio El Roble

This is the way back to school at Colegio El Roble We are glad to inform you that Colegio El Roble is back in its 3 forms of taking classes: Face to face (F2F) Hybrid Online We practiced our social distancing and health protocols with our teachers who are fully vaccinated to be prepared from […]

Istanbul International School Graduation Ceremony 2021

Istanbul International School Graduation Ceremony 2021 Istanbul International School‘s annual graduation ceremony took place as usual at Istanbul Yacht Club.   This year’s graduating class had 32 students and represented the following nationalities Azerbaijan Nigeria Iran United States of America Venezuela Iraq Republic of Korea Australia Jordan Pakistan Austria France Syria Palestine Libya Many have […]

Short Film Contest 2021

Short Film Contest 2020 In 2020, the International Schools Association launched a Short Film Contest, inviting member schools to prepare and present Short Films on the subject of international mindedness. A number of member schools participated and a jury of three ISA Board members was set up to judge the short films. These Board members […]

World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day On the occasion of World Heritage Day 2021, the students of International Wing prepared a knowledgeable video presenting some amusing and interesting facts on various heritages all over the world, the video consisted of voiceovers from students and pictorial representation of the statues and monuments.   The video was shared to parents […]

Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day Celebration To celebrate and honor motherhood the iisians took an initiative on behalf of all the children to make sure their moms feel special and honored on this day.   Students of IBDP JR collaborated with the kids of CPP 1 to CLSP 8 to make a video in which all the kids […]
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