March 27, 2024


The Story Of The Little Flags – Woodside School

Once upon a time in the coastal town of Punta del Este lived a curious and imaginative girl named Juana. Juana is a student at Woodside School, a small but vibrant school only a few kilometres from the glistening waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Juana loves to hear stories about faraway places.   One day, […]

Mark Shulman’s Visit To Swostishree Gurukul School

Renowned American children’s author, celebrated for crafting more than 200 captivating tales, recently graced our school Swostishree Gurukul IB World School with his literary wisdom.   Engaging with PYP students and parents over a two-day workshop, he delved into the enchanting realm of storytelling.   Sharing his rich experiences, he inspired budding imaginations to soar. […]

Empowering Young Authors through the Wordsmith Workshop

Wordsmith workshop is a student centered framework equipped with strategies which will keep the creative writing ignition burning throughout the process.   The goal of this workshop is to empower the students to become a confident and skillful writer and by the end, each student will be an author with their own creation- a book. […]

Agora Portals International School Celebrates its First Space Week

Agora Portals International School, in collaboration with the Pascal centres in Cyprus, has hosted its inaugural Space Week. This unique event is specifically designed to inspire and nurture the talents of each of our pupils, opening the doors to the vast universe of space.   From the youngest in Early Years Education to the oldest […]

Finland International School Maldives: A new approach to learning

Finland International School Maldives (FISM) takes a new approach to learning. We follow the Finnish education system with a Maldivian twist. In FISM, students and their futures are valued. The teachers, along with other staff ensure that the mental and physical wellbeing of the students is taken care of. We see learning as a way […]

Glory on the Futsal Court: Swostishree Gurukul Triumphs in U-16 Inter-School Competition

Organizers Swostishree Gurukul IB World School have secured the title in the U-16 inter-school futsal competition. In the final match, Swostishree defeated Pathshala Nepal Foundation with a score of 4-3. The game was tied 1-1 at the end of the stipulated time. Paramount School secured the third position. In the final, Swostishree’s Rihanman Joshi displayed […]

Junior Joy Fest at Gurukul IB World School

The Annual Junior Joy Fest for Grade 2 and 3 students marked a day of exuberance, talent, and creativity.   Hosted on Thursday, the 24th of Falgun, 2024, at Swostishree Gurukul School, the event showcased the culmination of the students’ learning journey in dance, music, and drama throughout the academic year.   Grade 2 and […]

EcoKids Reporters Newsletter! – Lyceo Hapatia

Hello everyone!We are excited to share with you the recycling project carried out by our first-grade students. Over the past few weeks, our EcoKids have become true champions of the environment, and they are ready to spread their enthusiasm with you! Our recycling project began with the simple question: “How can we teach older students […]
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A change of scenery for the IBDP Mathematics students at Ausiàs March International School (Spain)

We all need a change of environment from time to time, and our students are no exception. A small shift in class dynamics might have unexpected effects. Especially when teaching Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches HL and the sun is shining!   Last February, first year IB Diploma students had a proposal for their Mathematics: Analysis […]
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