December 18, 2023


Five tips on how to make a safe and brave space for controversial conversations in the classroom

International Teacher Education -> As a teacher, it’s important to know how to deal with sensitive political, religious and controversial conversations, whilst making everyone in a classroom feel safe. Students of ITEPS and ITESS deal with children and young people with a lot of different cultural backgrounds in their teaching practice and future career. Therefore, […]
Dunwoody 0

Dunwoody Academy Inc. Christmas Celebration

Christmas is the season of love, giving, and togetherness. It underscores goodwill, and the same time, festivity. Just recently, Dunwoody Academy Inc. had celebrated Christmas on the 14th of this month with the theme “The agglomeration of Dunwoodians’ love and shared visions calls for a celebration.” It was not an ordinary celebration as everyone genuinely […]
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