September 12, 2023

Waldorf Camp

Waldorf Camp – Assalam International School

Located within the vibrant Africamp area on our campus, we foster an array of enriching themed camps. During the latest installment held in the idyllic Waldorf Camp, our dedicated educators underwent an intensive training program. This comprehensive program covered a wide spectrum of valuable topics, including leadership and effective management techniques, fostering creative interactions, gaining […]

The hybrid learning model at Spark

Whether we are ready to admit it or not, digitalization is the future, and we can already see the changes brought by it in our day-to-day lives. If, up until not long ago, traditional schooling required a brick-and-mortar school with classrooms and uniforms, now schooling can be as diverse as the learning needs of students. […]
Agora Lledó Sergio García Golf Academy (1)

Agora Lledó International School and Sergio García Golf Academy present elite athlete program

This week, the AD (Elite Athlete Support) program, designed by Agora Lledó for young athletes looking to balance high-level sports and studies, was officially introduced. As pioneers of this edu-sports program, the first students of their AD program (Elite Athlete Support) were presented. Paco, Inés, Clara, Javi, and Hugo are now prepared to compete at […]

Root of Leadership Training at the Avant Garde International Academy Schools

How exactly do we teach leadership? Through a well planned Service learning program where students develop leadership skills as they learn to work collaboratively with the community. They learn that the most effective leadership is that which encourages the active participation and allows for the leadership of others.  Service-learning benefits everyone involved.  Students learn to lead […]
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