March 10, 2023


Agora International Schools at the TOP of the Forbes List of schools in Spain

Forbes highlights that Agora International Schools are characterized by educational innovation, high academic performance, and personalized attention to the needs of each student. They offer both Spanish and international baccalaureate options, a commitment to multilingualism with native or bilingual teachers, language immersion, and access to official certifications, as well as international experiences. Agora schools are […]

TEDxYouth@YIS: Dear Future Me

With a 5-speaker lineup, this year’s TEDxYouth@YIS is centered around “Dear Future Me”. Far too often, we overemphasize our past as we ponder what could’ve been and what we should’ve done, if only we knew better. Our speakers aim to shift their focus away from an obsessive rumination of their past to a hopeful outlook on their future.
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