Bringing young people from many different regions and cultures of the world is an important ISA activity. Tasking such young people with discussing and debating issues of global significance, which will require peaceful resolution through awareness and leadership in the future, is an important ISA contribution to global understanding and action.

In July 2007, in Jaipur, India, the 6th International Youth Leadership Seminar will take as its theme “Water – the Blue Gold”. The availability and distribution of water is already a serious problem for billions of people and looks set to affect many billions more in the years ahead.

The ISA hopes that Member Schools from around the world will send delegates to India for this event. Information Brochures and Registration Forms have been forwarded both as hard copy and as e-mail attachments to all Member Schools and, additionally, appear on this website. A number of financial grants are available to Member School wishing to participate.

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Education is the best instrument to build a better world. Living in peace is achieved by working together and celebrating our cultural diversity and similarity.