The International Schools Association representatives to the United Nations have actively attended U.N. and U.N. related briefings and events on such topics as disarmament, global health, promoting diversity in world cultures and the links that unite them, women making a difference, understanding and managing cyber crime, justice, terrorism, and democracy, and human rights to name a few. ISA members were also present at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in September, the screening of “Children at War” film at the General Assembly in October, and the launch of the United Nations Academic Impact in November. In April one representative spoke on a panel at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education about the MDG’S, the Academic Impact Initiative and the importance of international perspectives in education.

ISA representatives have chaired and participated in the CTAUN conferences at Rutgers University in January. The solidly educational conference was in collaboration with the New Jersey Department of Education and Rutgers University in New Jersey. ISA UN representatives see and understand what ISA schools have always promoted and understood, which is the value in promoting international education founded on the UN Charter and Declaration of Human Rights in education. Members have also participated in a CTAUN conference at Emory University in March.

The International Schools example of global and civic awareness and understanding are now the public school challenge and mandate for 21st century skills that is spreading through 15 states in the United States. ISA UN representatives continue to support and represent the International Schools at the United Nations in various capacities and hope the inspiration that the ISA global perspective will continue to affect change.

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Education is the best instrument to build a better world. Living in peace is achieved by working together and celebrating our cultural diversity and similarity.