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By filling out our online Membership Application Form, a school can apply for membership to the ISA. Also the candidate member school have to send a declaration that it adheres to the Declaration of Human Rights as well as the Declaration of Rights of the Child adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations. All the applications will be handled as soon as possible and our staff will contact you. Once approved, member schools receive a welcome package. Click the link below to open an application form.


Membership Fees: Annual Membership Fees

For Individual schools:

Less than 500 Students: 1,300CHF·        

More than 500 Students: 1,800CHF·        

Groups of schools with more than four school members: 800 CHF


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When applying through this online Membership Application Form for Membership of the International Schools Association, please fill all the fields carefully.

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Please list below the names and addresses of two schools or other suitable persons willing to serve as references.




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